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Comfer S.p.a. has been operating for more than 40 years in the wholesale and retail commerce of iron and steel products and it has many pre-processing machines for raw materials.


Settled on a covered surface of over 25,000 sqm, in an overall area of 60,000 sqm, it offers a complete range of services to carpentry.
Due to Comfer Spa commitment to technological progress, the company owns pre-processing desing machineries with very high standard of performance for:

  • plasma cutting
  • oxy-fuel cutting
  • slipping
  • flattening
  • perforation
  • shearing


Our raw material storage of over 25,000 sqm is equipped with goods ready for delivery:

  • sheets
  • rolled iron sheets
  • profile sheets
  • beams and tube with different cut
  • Tubing for windows fixtures
  • sliding systems
  • gratings

An entire division is specialized in:

  • covers
  • industrial wall panels
  • insulated panels


Our sales department is always available to help our clients finding the perfect product and to give advice on technical decisions giving cutting edge solutions.


Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of our company, it let us guarantee speed in fulfilling an order and proceed with the processing.

Not only speed in fulfilling an order but also express delivery thanks to a consistent vehicle fleet with ton crane trucks for orders within the range of 100 km, and with the assistance of specialized courier for other destinations.

This represents Comfer's mission: work to completely satisfy the requirements of the client.